I have created  my own Mnemonics to highlight the things I learned… my personal philosophy on assessment.

A Alignment of methods,  learning goals and instructional activities comes first.                

SSelf-reflect. Reflective Teaching by applying the principles and concepts of ASSESSMENT AS/ FOR LEARNING.

S-Scoring made easy through appropriate use of Rubrics, criteria, standards, benchmarks.

EEngage learners in assessment process to develop judgmental, decision-making, self-reflection, self-awareness, self-regulation and metacognitive skills  through self,group and peer assessments, focusing on the learning not on grades.

SSkillfully-made,  carefully, and reflectively done, having in mind the  guidelines, dos and don’ts, alignment, students’ strengths and weaknesses, and weighing the pros and cons of each method or tool to be used.

MMeasure both lower level and higher level thought processes. Should be valid and reliable. Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs. Motivating students as they know what is expected of them and where they are headed to.

EEvaluate performance by utilizing formative assessments and being able to reconstruct/ devise and revise to align with learning goals. Evaluate outcome by analyzing information and data gathered to improve teaching-learning process, plan intervention, and optimize a student’s potential.

NNot a one size fits all. Variety and Balance of different methods (Formal, Informal, Authentic and Traditional, Formative, Summative) should be achieved  to cater to learner’s individual differences, strengths, weaknesses and needs.

TTimely descriptive feedback to students and parents on what they have achieved and how they can improve and to teachers regarding instructional processes.

These…made a great impact on how I view assessment NOW… I can ASSESS  that it’s Totally a great learning journey…  Totally a different perspective after this course, EDS 113…Totally shaped and reshaped…


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